• Making soap that shines like a jewel!

Making soap that shines like a jewel!

Use the fragrance and color of Japan tradition to make soap!

Hello, I’m sumire.
I live in Tokyo as a jewelry soap designer.
About two years ago, I met the existence of “jewel soap” and overturned the concept of soap until now.
After that, he was qualified and taught at the Culture Center and now teaches the fun of jewel soap.
My lesson features are in “colorization”.

It is very important to make more complex and more jewel-like soaps.
The color is infinite by mixing the color!
In addition, you can make your own jewel soap with Japan unique fragrance and color.
Japan tradition Fragrance and color.
Learn the history and hidden meanings, and rediscover Japan.

Lesson Content

You can make your own jewel soap with your favorite colors and fragrances.
Do you know what the fragrance of Japan tradition is?
Did you know that the colors of the Japan tradition have a nice name in season?
First of all, we will learn about the aroma and color, its history and meaning from the age of Japan, while eating matcha and seasonal Japanese sweets (Nerikiri).

After that, it’s time to make your beautiful jewel soap!
Add your favorite color and aroma to the heated MP soap.
You can choose from more than 30 colors! By mixing more, you can create colors infinitely!
The finished jewel soap is chilled, and it is cut into the shape of the favor
when solidified.
Be careful with the knife.
The finished jewel soap emits a jewel-like glow!

There are always over 30 different fragrances available.
You will find your favorite fragrance.
Jewel SOAP does not make the same thing.
A complex color phase is created by chance, and you don’t get tired of seeing it.
A soft and delicate expression emphasizing the four seasons.
The healing effect is demonstrated by adding the fragrance of the favorite.
In the wake of rediscovering Japan.
And I hope Japan will like it a little.

Lesson Time

2.5 hours
Please prepare a bag for takeout.


Lesson Fees

8,500 yen



Be careful to use a kitchen knife!
Because I can speak only a little English, I prepare English text.

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